Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I want a truck...

Yep, that’s what I said, I want a pick up truck.  An old, beat up, reliable truck.  Why?  Because I am so tired of trying to squeeze oversized things in my smallish 4 door sedan.  

In the last week I tried to put 3 new barstools that I had bought into my car.  I thought I could fit one stool in the front, one in the back and one in the trunk.  Wrong.  I took 2 back and ended up with one in the front and had to make another trip with Cindy and her Tahoe to buy the other two.  

My one barstool (now 3)
In past years I can’t tell you how many plants and shrubs and small trees I have maneuvered into my car.  They have hung out the windows, they have stuck through the  sun roof.  I can’t believe I haven’t had a wreck in all the times my car has been so overstuffed that I can only see what’s right in front of my windshield.

The last straw has been this never-ending MOVE.  There have been at least 3 days that I have had to go to Walmart or Home Depot and BUY boxes.  Now, for those of you with SUV’s or trucks or large cars this is an easy task, but try shoving unbendable cardboard boxes into the backseat of a small car (because I have 2 baby car seats in my backseat and the boxes are too long to fit into the trunk) makes you want to rip your arms off.

Two days ago I had gone to Home Depot and BOUGHT 10 MORE boxes.  The wind was blowing and I was fighting the boxes, the rolling shopping cart and the back seat of my car until sweat was soaking through my clothes. Did I mention it was about 50 degrees outside?  I had one foot under the wheel of the shopping cart so it would roll away from me and crash into a nearby truck, I had one hand on the top of the stack of boxes that the wind was trying to pick up and carry away like Dorothy’s house in the Wizard of Oz, and the other hand along with my hip and head were stuffing boxes into my now tiny car like I was trying to fit pieces into a jigsaw puzzle.  I’m ready for a truck.

Now, let me rant about buying boxes for just a moment.  No longer can one go to HEB (San Antonio’s ONLY grocery store) to pick up their left over boxes.  Oh no, now when you politely ask the manager they will tell you, “Oh sorry we crush all our boxes immediately.”  Couldn’t they just hold some back and I would come at a convenient time and pick them up?  “Sorry, we crush them immediately.”

So I begin cruising the isles of HEB every time I’m there.  When I spot a stocker with boxes on their cart, I circle them, stalking them until they have 4-5 empty boxes.  Then I make my move.  “Would you mind if I take those boxes off your hands?”  The shrug and I fill my cart, buy an item or two, get a raised eye brow from the checker and off I go to my miniature car to finagle my prized free boxes.  I want a truck.

My stalking boxes
Now, you would think Costco would be a perfect spot for boxes.  After all they have that large metal bin full of all sizes of boxes.  So I go with high hopes of not having to pay $1.50/box, but oh no, Costco cuts off the tops of their boxes and then cuts big U’s in the side of them, no use to me at all.  I give in and go back to buying my boxes.

I know you are thinking, so big deal, what’s a few boxes?  Well, for some crazy unknown reason the other day I counted the boxes I have already packed (remember I still have 3 weeks more to pack).  I have, to-date packed over 200 boxes.  I know call me crazy, call me a hoarder, tell me to purge.  The sad thing is I am purging, I’m purging like crazy, but I simply have stuff.  I admit, I’m ashamed at the amount of stuff I have accumulated and can’t seem to part with, but what I hate worse is the amount of money I have had to spend on boxes...do the math, it’s horrible.

My store bought boxes

Which brings me back to my need for a truck.  With over 200+ boxes filled with stuff it is more than obvious I need a truck.  How else will I be able to accumulate more stuff without a truck?

Here’s my dream truck.  If anyone that can help me find something like this truck, well, I would happily help you haul your stuff too!

Just picture Lucy Belle sticking her cute head out of the window!

Much love,

P.S.  There is absolutely no scripture I can possibly think of to go with this entry.