Monday, June 23, 2014

Steve's Life in a Nutshell...

A repeat of my Caring Bridge entries.  What a wonderful life Steve lived.

Once Upon a time...

His father was a very important man.  He worked as a Special Agent for the FBI and the little boy was so proud of him.  His father’s job caused the family to move nine times during the first six years of the child’s schooling.  During fifth grade the boy became ill with pneumonitis.  His mother kept letters from everyone in his class who wrote him a letter...not just a note.  The mother remembers gist of the letters…”I am sorry you are sick...I remember when you helped are the nicest boy I have ever have been know everything.”

The boy’s family also grew he became a big brother to two sisters.  This boy loved his younger sisters with all his heart and through out the years their love for one another grew stronger and their bonds intertwined. 

The little boy grew and he grew and at one time he grew so wide he hated to admit that he could wear nothing but Husky jeans, those were his awkward years.  The now not so little boy continued to grow and soon he was a tall lean teenager with wonderful dark black hair and a killer smile.  The young man graduated from Baylor and realized he wanted to be a doctor.

Before entering Baylor School of Medicine he married a lovely young woman.  They soon had beautiful little girl who stole this new father’s heart.  They moved so the young man could attend Duke Medical school and specialize in Radiology. 

The young man went into the Navy to serve his country.  Now a Commander, this “Navy man” served on the “USS Bethesda Naval Hospital”, which of course never set sail.  A second child was born, a handsome baby boy.  The father now felt his life was complete and his life and his love was focused on his precious children.  

While in the Navy, The Commander, became best known for his famous “Boswich”.  This was a sandwich, consisting of at least 3 slices of bread, multiple layers of cheeses, meats...then grilled, thus finding The Commander 20 pounds heavier when leaving the U.S. Navy.  The man soon lost his weight and remained again lean and athletic.  His only great vice..desserts, chocolate of any kind were an indulgence that has never left him.

The family moved to San Antonio where they settled and made their home.  As years past the young man continued to grow into a warm, gentle, kind and very handsome man.  He was a well thought of doctor, but that mattered little to him.  That he was a loved by his children was of upmost importance to the man, and indeed they dearly loved their father.  His children grew into fine young people but sadly, one day the man’s marriage ended.  This was a very sad time in this family’s lives.

Time past, this handsome man spent quite a few years dating many lovely women and came to enjoy his life again.  Then one day he met a friend of his sister, a woman who lived in a far away town called Midland.  She had two teenagers of her own and her life was in that town. Somehow though distance and multiple diversions stood in their way their love for one another could not be stopped.  These two had finally found the love of their lives and there was nothing that could separate them.

So the wise loving man asked all three of them to become a family.  With everyone in agreement the three Midlanders moved to San Antonio.  Now while there were many fun times in those first years there were also quite a few times when the teenagers tested the waters.  The wise, just stepfather stayed patiently consistent in his parenting.  Boundaries had been set and agreed to and once crossed consequences were paid.  The teenagers soon learned that their stepfather had their best interest at heart and good things would happen if they could stay within the boundaries.

Over time the teenagers grew into amazing adults.  Their respect and love for now the man they considered their father grew deep roots.  The son often said of the Father “He is the fairest man I have ever met.”   The daughter was heard to say, “He has made a greater affect on who I am today than anyone else in my life.”  The father’s love for his new children often brought tears to his eyes because of his intense feelings for them. The four siblings grew closer over the years and the family of six began to share concern and love for one another.  They were now a real family.

The man and his wife had many happy years together, in most ways they were inseparable.  Their love for one another was genuine and intense.  

The humble man often said he had few friends, truth be told, this man was loved and appreciated by almost anyone who grew to know him.  He was one of the most honest men anyone would ever meet.  He was trustworthy and reliable.  There was never a time when he told someone he would do something that it wasn’t accomplished before the sun set.  He gave his best to all he cared for and in return he was respected for his kindness more than he ever knew possible.  The wife received a kind message from a good friend, there was a quote from a wise man that so described her husband…“Genuinely good people are like that. The sun shines out of them. They warm you right through.”

Days slipped into years.  Some years were harder than others.  Sickness, sorrow, worry, death all bound this family closer together.  The family grew, marriages, grandchildren...happy years.  Then one day a call came and the strong, brave father, the cornerstone, the foundation, the core of this family was found to be very sick.  The brave man fought hard and valiantly for many years.  Many family and friends said God had not finished his work with this special human.  The man continued to do for all he could for those he loved so dearly, just as he always had.  Yes, there did seem much purpose in his life, indeed God still needed to use this humble, kind man as an example for many.  

One day the man’s body became too weak to walk, to breathless to speak, to difficult to live life and he wisely made the decision to stop all the medications that seemed to no longer help him.  Tears filled the hearts of all those who loved him.  His wife, felt her heart crumble as she watch her brave prince of a husband make such a courageous decision.  The family became a fortress around their bastion.  They supported and respected his decision and all agreed he was wise and knowing.
Hospice came the very day the man stopped his Avastin treatment.  They began weaning him off of some of his medications and palliative care began.  Everyone in the family decided long ago that his home was the best, the only place, for this beloved man of such grace and honor to remain and this continues to be their hope and prayer.

Only time will tell if the frail man will be able to grow stronger for a while without being under the influence of all the powerful medications.  The brave man still desires to live life, he simply desires a life of quality.
May God grant mercy and grace on one of his finest creations...Steven Harris Boswell.

With all my love,

Micah 6:8 “And what does the Lord require of you?  But to do justice, to love kindness, And to walk humbly with your God”
Philippians 4:8  “ Finally, beloved, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is pleasing, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence and if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

 Postscript:  Steve left this earth only eight days after I wrote this entry on Caring Bridge.