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Hi, my name is Janet.  I am a 58 year old widow (yikes, that’s a hard word to write), a mom of two incredible children, two step-children that I consider my family, and six of the most amazing grandchildren anyone could ever have!  Does that sound like every proud grandmother?

My faith, spending time with my family and enjoying life with the best friends anyone could ever know is of utmost importance to me.  I love to eat, whether that’s cooking or dining out.  I love to shop...frugally, I relish a bargain.  I enjoy traveling, entertaining, reading and writing...the writing is why I’m here. 

So why have I started this blog?  Why now?  What started this ball rolling?  In reality it was my daughter, Brooke’s, idea but actually it goes back to a longer more involved story.

Brief version: in November of 2008 my husband, Steve, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme.  In layman’s terms, my beloved husband had brain cancer of the worst sort and wasn’t expected to live 9-18 months.  God blessed us with 41/2 more wonderful years with this very special man and, on July 8, 2013, Steve finally was able to touch the hand of God as his work here was complete.

I began writing of Steve’s medical updates on Caring Bridge  (I cannot say enough marvelous things about this internet non-profit source of communicating.)  I had never written before but I think because of my love for Steve, God gave me this outlet to express myself and tell of our journey.  Throughout Steve’s battle and during my Caring Bridge entries I continued to receive comments that I should put my writings in book form.  Praise I know I am not worthy of and not ready to undertake.  You may find Steve's journey by going to:  http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/steveboswell

In the past 2 months since Steve’s death, I have felt compelled to put my feelings into writing.  It’s as if I’m anxious and ill-at-ease until the words are concrete on a page.  Thus Brooke's saying, “Mom why don’t you start a blog?  That way you can write about all the things you feel the need to say and if people want to read it...they can.”

So here is my new beginning, I'm crossing over the Caring Bridge of loving, nurturing and journeying through the end of life with the man I love more than life itself.  I have now crossed this bridge and I hope to write of new beginnings, of reality of living life differently, but  living with hope.  I want to write of my feelings and experiences, of my family, my grandchildren, of travels with friends and always of Steve.

So join me if you wish as I am striving to do as Helen Keller wisely stated, "Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows."

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  1. Janet,
    I'm touched by your sweet devotion and memories of Steve. You have such a gift..... to be able to share the raw emotion you're feeling.
    I look forward to keeping up with you thru your blog.
    Much love, Barbara