Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas as a Honey...

Well, now that I’ve found Christmas, or should I say Christmas has found me, I’d like to be a little obnoxious and grandmotherly.

The following are just a few of the zillion photos I have taken of Harper and Harris so far this Christmas season.  Oh, how fun it has been to again experience Christmas through the eyes of a very expressive and excited 3 year old little girl and her 20 month old adorable brother who has a language of his own and expects everyone to know exactly what he’s saying.

So here we go, delete now if you aren’t ready for the Griswold Family Christmas slideshow...otherwise, sit back and see Christmas through the eyes of some very adorable little ones!

First stop...North Pole Express!  Brooke & Jared asked me to join their family for a Christmas adventure via a train.  There were candy canes, hot chocolate and Mrs. Claus and of course Santa. What a magical way to start the Christmas season!

A night out with the H's.  Harper, Harris and Honey went out for dinner and cruised the Quarry shopping center to see all the wondrous Christmas sights!

A sleep over with Honey.  We made our very first gingerbread house.  Had lots of dress  up time for Harper and Harris managed to eat most of the candy that was meant for the gingerbread house!

And finally, the reason for this post.  The morning after our sleep over, and oatmeal, a little revised version of the Christmas Story.  Told through the eyes of a precious 3 year old and my favorite 20 month old.  A little long, but I think well worth it!   Enjoy...

                           Isaiah 11:6"...and a little child shall lead them all."


  1. I think my child is a little confused on what the heavenly hosts sang! Thanks for being such a good Honey!

  2. Thank you for giving me such amazing grandchildren !

  3. You are all very lucky...those are two beautiful children!! Enjoy we all know they grow up way too fast. Happy Holidays Texas:)

  4. Thanks Brenda, I know it's hard having them live so far away. Come to Texas for a visit anytime. Merry Christmas Pennsylvania!