Friday, March 14, 2014

Updates on past blogs...

Thanks to all of you who have offered to share your handymen with me.  I hired a handyman today and he is coming tomorrow for a day full of tasks. I realize I need help doing the things I am failing miserably at trying to do.

More important than finding a handyman, I have found the miracle fix for all of us who have the lamp fetish...Michael Baker, you need not read on.  Everyone needs more than 7 lamps!  

Here it is. Bos gave me the most amazingly incredible gift and it is guaranteed to make anyone with more than 3-5 lamps in a room do backflips all over the place.

Etekcity Remote Outlet Switch is a must.  Let me explain the genius of this product.  

  •   You can order however many you want on line and they arrive within 2-3 days.
  •   You can order packages of 3 to 5 outlets, depending on the number of lamps you    want to turn on with ease.
  •   You take each packaged plug, plug in your lamp according to the number on the remote and voila that’s it.  You have one remote to turn off and on 3-5 lamps at a time!  

This is so cool!  It makes you want to go around and just flip lamp lights on and off willy nilly whenever you feel like it with no effort whatsoever.  

Remember the “Clap On/Clap Off” devices?  I gave one to my parents when they first came out on informercials.  My father spent most of Christmas sitting in a corner clapping is hands off his arms and that dad gum lamp never did respond.  

Well, this is nothing like Clap-On, this is smooth, can you feel my excitement???  Okay, first the negative, the socket that you have to plug into the wall is large.  If you have another extra-large plug, both will not fit into one socket.  Here’s the little key to that problem, go dig out a power strip and you can put your Elekcity Outlet in, as well as countless other plugs.  One other negative, oh I forgot to mention, after Bos gave me a package of 5 plugs, I ordered 2 more packages of 5 and one package of 3.  Hey, I admitted to having a lamp fetish and I have honed down my stash to a necessary 30 lamps.  Not too bad since I have downsized by almost 1/2 the square footage of my last home.  Okay, I admit, I have a problem with lamp light love.  

So back to the negative, you must use the remote designated to each outlet in the package for it to work.  In other words, you can’t turn off your bedroom lights with your living room remote if you have more than 5 lamps in said room.

Now the good news is, you can use the 5 outlets in different rooms.  Say you have 3 lamps in your den and 2 lamps in your bedroom (I would say you need more lamps) but the reality is you can use the same package and all 5 plugs will work on the one remote no matter where they are in your house.

Finally, you can get more out of your Etekcity outlets if you can use a multiplug or power strip and plug several lamps into one Etekcity plug!  Terrific!  I can turn on up to 3 lamps in close quarters and only use up one Etekcity plug.

 View videos below to see the way the Etekcity really works!  (I wonder if I could do an informercial for them and get even more plugs as a payoff?!

I’m telling you, I have heard from too many of you after my lamp fetish admission.  I know that there are lots of us out there.  So pay attention and order now.  It’s just too satisfying!

I need a life, 

Matthew 5:15 “ Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.”


  1. I am so glad I could provide such pleasure.....:)

  2. Sweet Bos, when have you not?!?