Sunday, June 15, 2014

This time last year...

This time last year Lynn wrote to me.  I wanted to honor her thoughts and feelings concerning her father today. Steve was one of the greatest dads to ever walk this earth.  Here are her words...

Letter from Lynn...

Lynn emailed this to me yesterday afternoon.  It so described the incredible father Steve continues to be to all of his children, but more poignantly it speaks of Lynn's very special relationship with her dad. 
I asked Lynn if I could share her letter on this site and she kindly agreed.  Here are Lynn's words.
Hung up the phone, spent a few minutes crying, then realized that I feel like we’re living The Giving Tree – that Shel Silverstein book.  Like the boy who becomes the old man, all I want from my dad is whatever he’s best able to give me at this moment.  And like the tree, he has always, always been there with exactly what I need most.  For my entire life, I have received more than I could possibly need from him, in every way imaginable, with limitless love, support, encouragement, cheerleading, shared joy and so much more.  And now, even though he might feel like he has less to give, he’s still there with exactly what I need most from him – a laugh, a chance to hold his hand while I sit with him on the couch, a hug, the suggestion to visit a museum that he knows we’ll like (and that I’m happy to share with him when we get back), a kind word to my kids.
I know that sooner than anyone wants he’ll be with us in a different way, yet still very much with us and part of us so deeply and in ways that matter so, so much.  I also know that I’m very, very thankful to still have him here today, to talk to and hug and call and sit beside.
 I love him, and I love you.

I love you dearly Lynn.  You and David are the special part of Steve that will always want me to have you remain an important part of my life.  You are a wonderful daughter.  Your father loved you and David with all his heart.
My life is blessed because you are part of it.
All my love,

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