Monday, April 25, 2016

Listen to Your Mother...

There has been a great deal of Facebook publicity the past few weeks about the Listen to Your Mother show that was presented for the first time in San Antonio this past Saturday.

I was coerced by Brooke and Lynn to audition for LTYM months ago and was privileged to have been chosen, along with Brooke to read for this audience.

I was certainly the "seasoned member" of this cast of thirteen women and was honored to be included in this talented group of writers.

I loved sharing this experience with Brooke. I continue to be amazed by my daughter's abilities and talents, she never fails to blow me away.  For those of you asking to read Brooke's piece, she will publish it the week of  Mother's Day on Alamo City Mom's Blog. 

I was thankful to so many of you dear and precious friends for coming to the production and supporting this well deserving cast of moms. I was even more thankful to have Brent, Jared and Jennifer in the audience to lend their support and encouragement.

While I continue to say I'm only a writer by the grace of God, I will continue to state that I am not, nor ever will be a public speaker.

This said, I'm so thankful for this opportunity to leave my comfort zone and share the sweet love I will always have for my Minnie Mama.

This post will be followed by my repeated post from 2013.

For what it's worth,

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