Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pajama Day...

Waking up from a sleep over last week, Harper, Harris and I were having our early morning snuggle time…our favorite time of the day. This is that sweet time when the three of us discuss all things “important” before the day begins. 

This particular morning, Harper wistfully said, “Honey, I wish we could just stay in our pajamas all day and play with you.”  My heart soared and that was the exact moment plans for "Pajama Day" began. We discussed, in great detail, which p.j.’s we would wear and we made a mental list of activities for this monumental day. Discussion of this day continued for well over a week. Finally, The Day arrived.

Harper and Harris blasted into the house yesterday afternoon, backpacks in hand and jumping with anticipation. They were ready for the jubilation to begin.

We decided that all things special needed to happen on Pajama Day. Wisely, I let them dictate what special meant, and their requests were simple and easy to carry out.  After dinner and baths, we pulled on our 24 hour pajamas and climbed into my bed to watch “Grease.” I think we have now watched “Grease” for the last four sleep-overs, but hey, a good thing can last forever!

Bedtime came before the movie was over so Harps decided it would be really crazy to finish the movie the following morning before ever getting out of bed…so, this was how our first official Pajama Day began, with the end of “Grease.” I told you their requests were simple.  

After “Grease,” we piled into the car and drove to Shipley’s Donuts. Yes, we were all still in our p.j’s. Thankfully, Shipley’s wasn’t very crowded. I think I must have given the wait staff a bit of a fright, but the H’s were quick to tell everyone it was Pajama Day and we would not be removing our p.j.’s all day long! Smiles and nods and extra blue and green iced donuts, with rainbow sprinkles were given as we raced back home with a full agenda.

Unlike other days, this special day allowed limoges boxes to come off my shelves and  be ever so carefully played with on the floor. Bunny palaces, made out of building blocks that held small wooden bunnies, super heroes, Peanut characters and my limoges boxes. We pulled out china tea sets and had a bunny picnic on the floor, as well as, a picnic outside under a delicately constructed tent made out of a card table and blankets. Our picnic lunch consisted of oatmeal and scrambled eggs, after all it was Pajama Day! 

After reading a chapter of “Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle’s Magic” (a favorite of mine, when I was a child) we made magic concoctions of strawberry milk that helped us fall fast asleep. Afternoon naps came easily, due to the magic potions, as we all three climbed back into my unmade bed for a much needed snooze. 

By the time Brooke and Jared came for pick-up, we had made Pajama Day t-shirts, we had eaten everything in my pantry and my house looked like a tornado…inside and out! 
All that mattered to the three of us was that Pajama Day had been a huge success.

As the Meabon family drove out of my driveway, I could hear my precious little grandchildren yelling, “Thank you Honey…we love you Honey!” I walked back into the house a little pooped, but my heart was overflowing.

If someone were to ask me what brought me the greatest pleasure, what filled me with extraordinary joy, it would be days like today. Days that are filled with the sweetest laughter and delight of two of God’s most incredible little creatures to ever fill a pair of pajamas.

I may be a little pooped, but I am blessed beyond measure.

For what it’s worth,

Proverbs 17:6Grandchildren are the crown of the elderly
and the glory of children is their parents.”

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